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The singing soul, or the inner sensitivity has great order to steer the listener from one passion to another.

(J.J. Quantz: Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen)

Early Music

For years now Lucia Mense has been fascinated by the direct, the natural as well as the variable qualities of the sound of the recorder. The colorful palette and the speech-like articulation - not unlike the art of singing - in connection with the potential velocity of gesture, comprise the departure point for her interpretations.

The presence of the recorder in the music history until 1800, as well as in contemporary times, enables her to be artistically active in both Early- as well as New Music.

Feeling "at home" in the styles of the Renaissance and Baroque, she has been invited as soloist to several music festivals, as well as reputed concert series, and she has frequently participated in performances of chamber music, opera and oratorio. She has collaborated extensively with lutenist Sören Leupold as well as the harpsichordist Alexander Puliaev. 

Lucia Mense has toured extensively in Germany, as well as other European Countries, the Baltics, Russia and the United States. She has appeared at diverse Early Music Festivals, including Herne, Stockstadt and Vilnius, as well as the Schleswig-Holstein-Festival and the Romanische Sommer in Köln.

In recent years Lucia Mense has increasingly devoted her energies to the performance of music of the Middle Ages. Her extensive research has yielded in the direct applications to programming, both in the solo as well as chamber music genres. Further, she has given several master classes and seminars dedicated to Medieval performance practice, mostly involving repertoire relevant to the instrument.

Over the past few years she has performed as flutist with the Ensemble Ars Choralis Coeln under the direction of the renowned singer, Maria Jonas. Ars Choralis Coeln consists of a woman's schola, fidel, flute, harp and bells. In regular collaboration with young singers, it's main focus is to present Gregorianic chorals and early Medieval music. 
Present programms are featuring the music of Hildegard von Bingen (i.e. "Ordo virtutum"), italian laude, The Liederbuch of Anna von Köln and music composed for Elizabeth of Thuringia.,

Lucia Mense