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For the performance and improvisation of contemporary music I like to incorporate copies of instruments from the Baroque and Renaissance. The Baroque recorders are striking through their brilliant, flexible sound and are highly virtuosic in articulation and finger technique. The sound of a Renaissance instrument is in contrast smokier and earthier and through that resembles more effectively the sound of ethnic instruments. The Renaissance recorders used for modern music are the typical instruments, i.e. soprano, alto, tenor and bass, from the Baroque family of instruments all are used, from the mini-recorder to the sub-contra-bass.

New developments in instrument construction of the past decade have led to a type of “harmonic recorder” in the alto and tenor range. As opposed to the traditional recorder overblown is now in pure intoned overtones. The result of this is that an extended tonal range is gained, as well the potential for multiphonics is expanded and the dynamic spectrum is extended.

I gladly use a modern type of contrabass recorder, one that is modeled after an organ pipe, which lends an imposing picture not only through its quadratic construction and square wood keys. Through the overtone spectrum, the diverse sound possibilities and at the same time virtuosity, this instrument is well-suited for improvisation as well as composition.

For further information to the instruments and the possibilities of modern
playing techniques on the recorder please click here.

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