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Electronic Counterpoint
Solo for recorder and live-electronics

The counterpoint of the traditional instrument recorder in combination with live-electronics.
In compositions and improvisations guitar pedals, multitracks and software such as MAX/MSP are being used.

List of repertoire and new pieces 

recorder + electronics:

Klarenz Barlow    …Until.... (1972/2000)
sopranino recorder and drone

John Cage    Three (1984)
soprano-, alto-, tenor-, bass-, subbass- and contrabass recorder
(version with 2-track-tape)

Christopher Fox    Winds of Heaven (1984)
for amplified tenor recorder and tape delay

Johannes Fritsch    Kyo Mu (1982)
recorder and tape

Georg Hajdu    Tsunami (2008)
recorder and electronics

Hanna Kulenty    A Fifth Circle (1994)
flute and delay

hans w. koch    digitizer (2000)
tenor recorder and electronics

Johannes Kretz    Nocturne (1995)
recorder and electronics

Ulrich Krieger    Black Smoker (2009)
bass-/ contrabass recorders and electronics

Anton Lukoszievieze    Lips fading to say goodbye (2011)
bass-/ contrabass recorder and electronics

Sascha L. Lemke    Re:re:re:re (2009)
recorder and electronics

Ned McGowan    Workshop (2004)
alto recorder and tape

Phill Niblock    Lucid Sea (2006)
alto- and bass recorder with tape

Roland Pfrengle    Melodie (2004)
contradictions for soprano recorder and computer

Steve Reich    Vermont Counterpoint (1982)
recorder and tape (10 tracks)

Ana M. Rodriguez    Havanita II (2004)
recorder and electronics

Fausto Romitelli    Seascape (1994)
amplified contrabass recorder

Marc Sabat    Erbsen (2009)
recorder and electronics

Oliver Schneller    Turbulent Space (2005)
recorder and electronics

Manfred Stahnke    ImpansionExpansion (2006/08)
bass/ tenor recorder and electronics

Karl-Heinz Stockhausen    SOLO (1969)
melody instrument and featback

Kotoka Suzuki    While ripples enlace... (2011)
recorder and tape

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