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New Music - Repertoire

1. Recorder Solo
2. Music Theatre
3. Recorder and Live-Electronics
4. Chamber Music

1. Recorder Solo:

Louis Andriessen
Sweet (1972)
Ende (1981)

Jürg Baur
Pezzi Uccelli (1964)

Luciano Berio
Gesti (1966)

Gerhard Braun
Nachtlied (1995)

Franco Donatoni
NIDI (1994)

Moritz Eggert
Ausser Atem (1994)

Robert Heppener
Toonladder (1992)

Ryohei Hirose
Hymn (1982)
Meditation (1975)

Guus Jansen
Footnoot (1980)
Largo (1981)

Georg Kröll
Con Licenza (1971)


Makoto Shinohara
Fragmente (1968)

Mario Lavista
Ofrenda (1986)

Roland Moser
Alrune (1979)

Rolf Riehm
Weeds in Ophelia´s Hair (1991)

Matthias Spahlinger
Nah, getrennt … (1994)

Gerhard Stäbler
Winter, Blumen (1995)

Karl-Heinz Stockhausen
In Freundschaft (1984)

Paul Thermos
Vuoto Ossesso (1990)

Calliope Tsoupaki
Charavgi (1995)

Isang Yun
Chinese Pictures (1993)

2. Music Theatre

Jaques Bank
The Memoirs of a Cyclist
two recorder players take the roles of a TV-news-speaker and an ex - Tour-de-France-participant

Vinko Globokar
Dos à Dos (1988)
for two wind instruments

Richard Hames
KU (1979)
dancer, recorder and delay

Maurizio Kagel
Atem (1970)
Für einen Bläser

Thomas Witzmann
Kokooning (2005)

3. Recorder + Live Electronics:

Klarenz Barlow
Until.... (1972/2000)
recorder and tape

Christopher Fox
Winds of Heaven (1984)
amplified tenor recorder and tape delay

Johannes Fritsch
Kyo Mu (1982)
recorder and tape

Georg Hajdu
Tsunami (2008)
alto recorder and electronics

Hanna Kulenty
A Fifth Circle (1994)
flute and delay

hans w.koch
digitizer (2000)
tenor recorder and electronics

Anton Lukoszievieze 
lips fading to say good-bye (2011)
for recorder and electornics

Johannes Kretz
Nocturne (1995)
recorder and live-electronics

Ned McGowan
Workshop (2004)
alto recorder and tape

Roland Pfrengle
Melodie (2004)
contradictions for soprano recorder and computer


Steve Reich
Vermont Counterpoint (1982)
flute and tape (10 tracks)

Ana M. Rodriguez
Havanita II (2004)
recorder and live-elektronics

Fausto Romitelli
Seascape (1994)
amplified contrabass recorder

Annette Schlünz
Journal No. 1 (2005)
recorders and video

Oliver Schneller
Turbulent Space (2005)
recorder and Live-Elektronics

Manfred Stahnke
ImpansionExpansion (2006/08)
bass/ tenor recorder and Live-Elektronics

Karl-Heinz Stockhausen
SOLO (1969)
instrument and featback

Kotoka Suzuki
While ripples enlace... (2011)
alto recorder and tape

Sinta Wullur
Bayangan (1991)
recorder and tape

4. Chamber Music

Louis Andriessen
Melodie (1977)
recorder and piano

New Math(s) (2000)
soprano, traverse flute, violin, marimbafone, video installation

Hoketus (1992)
for mixed ensemble

Worker´s Union (1979)
for any group of loud instruments

Rob du Bois
Adagio cantabile (1979)
recorder and piano

John Cage
Three (1984)
three recorders

Four (1992)
for any way of producing sounds

for five voices or instruments

for small ensemble

John Casken
Thymehaze (1979)
recorder and piano

Scott Cazan
Outliers (2010)
for any pitched instruments

Rilo Chmielorz
TraumZeitRaum (2004)
for voice, recorders, piano, scratching tools, electronics

Luca Cori
Sobre los Angeles (1990)
soprano, recorder, violin, percussion

Robert Heppener
Hymn to Harmony (1987)
soprano, countertenor, recorder,
viola da gamba, marimba, tape

hausmusik (2006)
for recorder, elctric guitar and electronics

Cat Lamb
line/ shadow
for 4 players

Wang Ming
Seeligkeit einer Wahnsinnigen (2006)
for recorder and pipa

Liam Mooney
180 degrees
performance concept with dry ice

Harald Muenz
FromAnts (2004)
for female and male voices, sopranino recorder, clarinet

Writing (1998)
for 2 players on a kettle drum, amplified with contact mices

Manfred Niehaus
Kleines Lied (2013)
on lyrics by Daniil Charms
for voice, recorder, toy piano

Roland Pfrengle
Raumstörung B (2005)
for voice, recorder, saxophone, tuba, live-elektronics

Michael Pisaro
harmony series #14 (2004-5)
A single charm is doubtful - Gertrude Stein
for four players

Rolf Riehm
Short Message Piece (2002)
tenor recorder and flute

Ana M. Rodriguez
Umbau I/ II (2005)
for recorder, soprano saxophone, viola and electronics

Rodney Sharman
After Truth (1994)
for traverse flute and percussion

Gerhard Stäbler
Moon´Scape (1996)
for flute and guitar

Karl-Heinz Stockhausen

James Tenney
In a large open space (1994)
for more than 10 players

harmonium #1 (1990)
for 12 or more sustaining instruments

Melos Hidiston (1991)
soprano, recorder, viola, cello, contrabass, piano

Sappho´s Tears (1990)
soprano, recorder and violin

Chao Ming Tung
Zheng Ming Variation 2055 (2006)
for 3 wind instruments, 3 ghu-zheng and electronics

Tashi Wada
nest (2008)
for 3 players (+ field recordings)

Michael Winter
small world (2009)
for any number of players following a pre-composed map...

Christian Wolff
For 1, 2 or 3 people (1964)

Andreas Wagner
Kleist in Alfter (2005)
for countertenor, recorder, percussion, electronics


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