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Les Maries du Rhin

Rose van JherichoSongs for St. Mary - 15th cent.- from the rhine area
Wienhäuser Songbook, Songbook of Anna v. Köln, MS Berlin 190
Ala Aurea/ Ars Choralis Coeln (dir. Maria Jonas)
WDR 2011
Label Talanton,


01 - Fonteyne moeder (mp3)
04 - Ave maris stella (mp3)


Exultet Celum

Rose van JherichoThe instruments of the angels in Cologne cathedral
Music of the 13th century from Cologne (Erzdiözesanbibliothek) 
Ars Choralis Coeln (dir. Maria Jonas and Oliver Sperling),
ensemble of medieval instruments (dir. Lucia Mense and Susanne Ansorg), WDR 2012
Book + CD at: Dom-Verlag Köln


04 - Quem dicunt homines (mp3)
10 - Estampie (mp3)


Rose van Jhericho -
The Songbook of Anna von Köln (about 1500)

Rose van JherichoArs Choralis Coeln - ensemble for medieval music
voice: Cora Schmeiser, Uta Kirsten, Petra Koerdt, Mikari Shibukawa, Pamela Petsch, Inga Schneider, Amanda Simmons, Stefanie Brijoux, Elodie Mourot, Katherine Hill, Karolina Brachmann
recorder, bells, voice: Lucia Mense
dulcimer: Elisabeth Seitz
harp: Johanna Seitz
fiddle: Susanna Ansorg
musical director, voice, symphonia: Maria Jonas

"If competence, carefulness and passion come together, authentic songs are being sung with pure joy, songs telling about ancient yearning, dreams and fears - in the case of luck there can result something as beautiful as the cd "Rose van Jhericho"
Sächsische Zeitung Dresden

"The instrumental accompagniment is improvised on the highest artistic level. By the sensitiv use of harp, dulcimer, recorder and fiddle the melodies - supernatural beauties in themselfs - appear to be plunged in heavenly light. A most impressive recording." - Bernhard Morbach, Kulturradio am Mittag

released: june 2007, raumklang,
rewarded the Choc - Le Monde da la Musique, 5 Diapason

Example: 9. In Dulce Jubilo (mp3, approx. 1 MB)


Letare Germania - Medieval music in honour of
Elisabeth von Thüringen (1207-1231)

Letare Germaniavoice: Karolina Brachmann, Elodie Mourot, Pamela Petsch, Stefanie Brijoux, Uta Kirsten, Petra Koerdt
symphonia/ voice: Juliane Rothmaler
flutes/ voice: Lucia Mense
fiddle/ bells: Susanne Ansorg
musical director/voice: Maria Jonas

Elizabeth of Thuringia is one of the most important saints of the middle ages in Europe. The renownend women ensemble Ars Choralis Coeln presents in this recording music that was being composed from the 13th till the 15th century in honour of Elizabeth. A fascinating tour through the musical cosmos of the middle ages!

released: june 2007, edition chrismon,

Example: 5. Inviatorum - Regi Deo iubilatis (mp3, approx. 1 MB)



L´AmbitiosaVirtuoso instrumental music of the italian early baroque
Lucia Mense (recorder), Antje Plieg-Oemig (viola da gamba), Thomas Rudolph (organ)
sempre la musica Recordings

canzonas and sonatas composed by Frescobaldi, Merula, Cazzati, Picchi and others

released in 2002

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